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Do I Need to ‘Hear from God’ Before I Make a Decision? // Ask Pastor John

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We all want to know we are making the right decisions. To decide wisely, do we need to hear from God beyond what he has already written?

Do we need to “hear from God” before we make a decision? And what if we have a friend who claims to have heard God’s voice on something, but we think they are mistaken? How do we question their decision without undermining their faith? This is a really sharp question from a listener named Matt.

“Pastor John, I have a question about addressing issues with people who have prayed about a certain decision and feel that God spoke to them. Is there a way to lovingly push back when this seems like what they apparently ‘heard’ from God seems like a poor choice? How do you critique their choice without shaking their faith and making them doubt their ability to ever hear from God?”

Episode 1279: https://www.desiringgod.org/interviews/do-i-need-to-hear-from-god-before-i-make-a-decision

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