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He Killed His Wife and Children — Can He Really Be Forgiven? // Ask Pastor John

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Chris Watts murdered his pregnant wife and two daughters. A few months into his prison sentence, he said he found God. Can he really be forgiven?
A horrifying story out of Colorado has grabbed headlines since it happened in August. It’s a story of a man who killed his family — his wife of six years, their unborn child, along with their two other young daughters. It’s sickening, so sickening a listener named Stephanie wrote us.
“Dear Pastor John, I’m a 33-year-old mother and elementary teacher. My question comes from the recent news that Chris Watts, a Colorado man who killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters, has confessed the details of his crime and been sentenced to five life sentences without the possibility of parole. Now, in these few short months, he has claimed to have ‘found God’ in prison.
“After following the news closely, back when he was originally suspected of this heinous crime, my reaction to his so-called ‘finding God’ was anger. Is it wrong for me to not want this man, who committed unspeakable acts, to know my Jesus? Do you believe someone like him can truly repent and enter the kingdom of God?”
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