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How John Piper Became a ‘Christian Hedonist’ // Ask Pastor John

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How does our passion for happiness fit with God’s passion for glory? Pastor John lived with this tension for years, until he found Christian Hedonism.

Today we talk about the various stages of progress in John Piper becoming a Christian Hedonist. And the excellent question comes in to us in the form of an email. “Hello, Pastor John. My name is Alanna. Can you retell the story of your own journey into Christian Hedonism? I recall you mentioning C.S. Lewis being a major influence on you through one of his books. But what have been the defining moments for you in this pursuit of the all-satisfying joy in Christ?”

Episode 1259: https://www.desiringgod.org/interviews/how-john-piper-became-a-christian-hedonist

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