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I’m Tired and Busy — How Do I Make Time for the Bible? // Ask Pastor John

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We wake up every day needing to meet God in his word. Don’t leave the word to fill the cracks. Force other things into the cracks.
There are seasons when life wearies us, when it seems like we’re too tired and busy for any kind of meaningful engagement with our Bibles. Such is the current situation for Elaina, who writes us today.
“Hello, Pastor John! I live alone. I work long weeks. I find it nearly impossible to keep up with my Bible reading. Cooking, cleaning, exercising, running errands, getting food, shopping, on and on — by the time I get home, I’m exhausted. I schedule times to read my Bible, to pray, and to be alone with God, but I feel as if I am giving God only fifteen minutes of my day, and I don’t want that. But I have to pay bills to live. I feel stuck. When I’m reading my Bible, I’m half asleep. The only real time I get now is the weekends. But it’s not enough. In what practical ways can I beat back the busyness of my life to ensure I make time for him?”
Episode 1299:
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