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My Husband Is Passive — What Can I Do? // Ask Pastor John

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God may use you to change your spouse. But if you press in to him, no matter how disappointed you are in marriage, he will certainly change you.
It’s heartbreaking to read emails from disheartened wives, like this one from a listener named Stephanie. “Hello, Pastor John. In reference to episode 1301, “Prioritizing Marriage Over Work and Kids,” and the older episode about husbands leading their wives — oh, how I long to be led by my husband in the ways you describe! But he’s not there.
“I have hoped and prayed for it and asked of it from him for many years now. I want to pray together regularly, have husband-and-wife meetings, spiritual goals, and many other important things involved in stewarding a family. But I feel like I’m pulling a ship up a mountain. He wants to take life easy and enjoys TV and sports. I long for deeper things. I realize it’s not my job or in my control to change him. I’ve been married for fourteen years. What would you say to me, Pastor John, a waiting wife?”
Episode 1315:
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