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My Joy Is So Short-Lived — How Do I Make It Last? // Ask Pastor John

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God promises lasting joy. But what should we do when we feel full on Sunday but empty by Monday?
What an incredible weekend. Friday we celebrated the cross of Christ. Sunday we celebrated the resurrection of Christ. And now it’s Easter evening when this episode launches online. I love Easter more than any other date in the church calendar — even more than Christmas, to be honest. That move from the cross to the resurrection is so stunning. And it leads to a question from a listener named Becca.
“Hi, Pastor John. I hope you and your family enjoyed the beauty of Christ this Easter season. I’m a young believer who has been devoted to following Christ daily for the last four years. For me each Easter gets richer and richer as I have a more mature understanding and a deeper revelation of the power of the cross. But I am also coming to the conclusion that, knowing the frailties of my own humanity, I cannot sustain the beauty and the works of the cross and the crucifixion I experience in a weekend like this on a daily basis. This frustrates me.
“By Easter Monday I am left dry, feeling almost lifeless and numb to everything I just celebrated, lured back into my brainless media like social media and movies and TV. ‘Back to reality,’ I think to myself. Is this feeling normal? Or how does the cross and resurrection I celebrated this weekend change my life on Monday? What do I take from Easter Sunday into my Monday morning?”
Episode 1333:
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