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Renault Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Concept 2015 RWD 4.5 V8 450 cv 59,1 mkgf 320 kmh 900 kg

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(from Renault Press Release) The Alpine of the 21st Century is creeping gradually closer. The wait may seem interminable to the more impatient fans, but at least there is plenty going on in the meantime!
In motor racing, for example, the Alpine A450 prototype collected European endurance racing titles in 2013 and 2014, as well as a podium finish in the LM P2 class in last June's Le Mans 24 Hours.
Now, as the brand's 60th anniversary festivities get under way, the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo heralds a new chapter in the make's revival. Polyphony Digital Inc. - developers of PlayStation®'s Gran Turismo game - proposed the challenge of creating a new 'virtual' car in July 2013 and the teams at Alpine turned their attention to the project with the same passion, enthusiasm and rigour as they are committing to the upcoming new road car.
"The designers and engineers involved in this project were tasked with creating a car that expresses the spirit of our brand. Alpine's genes are immediately visible in its styling, while its performance won't disappoint either when players get behind the wheel, or their DualShock®PlayStation controller. They will find the same agility that helped to forge the legend of the original cars produced by Alpine founder Jean Rédélé. The Alpine Vision Gran Turismo stands at the crossroads of the past, present and future, at the frontier between motorsport and road cars. It also provides a link between the virtual and real worlds. Indeed, the end result is so stunning that we couldn't resist producing an actual full-scale model of it! The Festival Automobile International, which places the emphasis on automobile aesthetics, was seen as the ideal setting for the first 'real life' rendering of a car since the announcement of Alpine's revival broke cover. It will be possible to admire our latest creation and also to enjoy it first-hand thanks to Gran Turismo®6." - Bernard Ollivier, CEO, Société des Automobiles Alpine
Before going into the design of the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo in more detail, it is perhaps an idea to go back more than 15 years when Sony recruited the Japanese economics student, Kazunori Yamauchi. 'Kaz' was an ambitious and visionary young man whose skill and passion as a game producer persuaded Sony to allow him to create his dream, five-years in the making - the ultimate driving simulator. Taking advantage of the technological breakthrough that was the PlayStation console, Polyphony Digital produced an immediate hit with the launch of Gran Turismo on 11th December, 1999. It revolutionised the video game industry with sales of the first title reaching more than 11 million copies.
More than fifteen years later, the success story continues. Sales of the various iterations of Gran Turismo totalled more than 72 million before Gran Turismo®6 for PlayStation®3 was released in December 2014. Gran Turismo®6 stands out as a new benchmark and features over 1,200 of the world's best cars and 39 tracks. The success of the franchise is due in great part to the partnerships its producers have sealed with the most prestigious carmakers. Grouped under the Vision Gran Turismo banner for the game's 15th anniversary, the prototype cars that have been created especially for the occasion are eagerly awaited by car and video game enthusiasts alike.
"Would you be prepared to design a car for Gran Turismo?" This simple question got the brains of the teams at Alpine thinking overtime, despite the fact that they were already busy preparing the brand's comeback in the form of the first production car that will be presented to the public in 2016. This enticing blank sheet of paper provided them with an exciting opportunity to explore new creative ideas without having to take certain production-related constraints into account.
Type: carbon monocoque
Suspension: double wishbones, pushrods, adjustable spring/damper assemblies
Position: mid-rear
Type: V8
Cubic capacity: 4,494 cc
Maximum power: 450 hp @ 6,500rpm
Maximum torque: 580 Nm @ 2,000rpm
Maximum engine speed: 7,500 rpm
Top speed: 320 km/h
Seven-speed sequential gearbox
Rear-wheel drive
Front: 390mm x 32mm vented discs with six-pot callipers
Rear: 355mm x 32mm vented discs with four-pot callipers
Weight: 900kg
Weight distribution: 47 / 53
Fuel tank: 75 litres
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