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Seat 2014 - Projetando cores para carros

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(from Seat Press Release) Designing car colour. Martorell, 21/10/2014. – “Lots of people ask me… how can it take two years to create a colour? Aren’t there ready-made colours to choose from?” says Carol Gómez, from the Colour & Trim team at the SEAT Design Centre. The fact of the matter is that, to create a new colour for a car, a whole raft of tests is carried out to guarantee that the original colour will not change between creation and use when painting a car, thus guaranteeing colour fastness and durability over time.
Surrounded by art and fashion magazines in her office at the SEAT Design Centre, Carol explains that the team is like a sponge, soaking up all the images of current trends. Since the brand is Spanish and Mediterranean. “Light and the city of Barcelona, so very cosmopolitan with its widely diverse districts, gives us a tremendous amount of inspiration”.
When a colour is chosen, the shade sought after is as eye-catching and attractive as possible, but it also needs to resist fading. “It has to have colour fastness over time, should be repaintable and resist sunlight”, and so each colour has to undergo “many quality checks before being used to paint a vehicle’s bodywork”, says Carol.
“The colour of your car reflects your personality”, adds Carol, who is sure that people choose their car colour because of “the sensations it gives them”. That said, creating a range of colours for a new vehicle is closely linked to the model itself. “Creating a colour for the SEAT Mii – where you are looking for something young – is very different from doing it for an Alhambra - which is more elegant and sophisticated -, or for a Leon – which has to have a sportier, younger character”.
After being at SEAT for 15 years, Carol admits that what she is most passionate about in her work is the ultimate reward: “when I see a car on the street painted the colour I have been working on for so many months, I feel enormous satisfaction”, she says with pride.
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