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2016: The Playlist | League of Legends

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With a new year and a new season in sight, take a look back at League in 2016.
Miss a video? Full playlist:
Individual releases:
Season Start
Jhin teaser
Jhin reveal
Mobile App
Japanese Server
RP for Art
Hextech Crafting
League Screensaver
Aurelion Sol teaser
Aurelion Sol reveal
Draven Day
Mecha Zero Sion
Riot Direct
Taric rework
Taric comic
Mid-Season Invitational
Mid Season Magic
Taliyah teaster
Taliyah reveal
Dark Star Thresh
Ryze rework (again)
Pool Party Trailer
Pool Party 2016
PROJECT: Disruption trailer
PROJECT: Disruption
Live / Play miniseries
Kled teaser
Kled reveal
Riftwalk / Lucian Epic Statue
The Art of League of Legends: Vol. I
Yorick rework
Baker Pantheon
Legends Rising Season 2
Thank You: Looking Back on Ten Years
Ivern teaser
Ivern reveal
Star Guardian trailer
Star Guardians
The Teemoing
Mechs vs Minions
Worlds 2016
Zedd: Ignite - Worlds 2016 music video
Founding Interns of League of Legends
Camille comic
League Fan Art Showcase
Elementalist Lux
2016 All Stars Event
More League of Legends and the latest videos:
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