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Brighter Dayz - Live at VNYE! [Official Music Video Performance]

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Video credit copyright, Courtesy of OTS Events, L.P. and Fly Studio inc.

For New Years 2021, I had the distinct honor of partnering with Jamestown, the owner of the iconic One Times Square where the 2021 New Year Ball Drop Celebration took place virtually worldwide! Jamestown and Fly Studio selected 3 artists and created a high-tech experience to allow people to herald the start of 2021 in a virtual world. I was blessed to be one of them!!

3 months before the official New Years celebration, I flew to New York and filmed my virtual concert where I was fitted with a 'motion capture' suit, and turned into an avatar. Not gonna lie, this was probably one of the coolest things I have ever done in my musical career!!

Hope you have as much fun watching a segment of my "Virtual NYE show" as much as I did performing it!

Huge shout-out to Sherri White, Michael Phillips, Jess Conatser, Hattie Chou, Eva Santiago, Jean-Francois Rouleau, Mélissa Carle, among others for their tireless and amazing work.

Brought to you by One Times Square, a property of Jamestown L.P, the NYE and VNYE app

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