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First Person Sonic

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First Person Sonic the Hedgehog. See the world through Sonic's eyes.

I'm re-uploading this video that I made as part of the "First Person" series that I did specially for Machinima's YouTube channel back in 2013. Since Machinima's channel closed and all the video disappeared, I thought it'd be cool to have it live again.

Good memories of this project and a lot of fun working on it. I remember a lot of comments about the video regarding the camera, that doesn't spin when Sonic jumps. I tried! When I was working on it, I remember to animate the camera spinning on each jump, but it was supper confusing and hard to see the environment. So I preferred to maintain the camera stable.
This one got 1 million views in 48 hours. That was the fastest video to achieve that amount of views... it makes sense that is about Sonic, though.
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