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Look at the world. It’s edited. The best scenes: blurred. The pictures: filtered. The heroes: scripted. Culture: curated. Wild thoughts: shackled. Even some words: CENSORED.
We think it’s time to throw off those shackles. Time to UNCENSOR, raising voices and take a stand.

We will make oppression & narrow-mindedness visible, act and contribute to stop bullying, and entice everybody to bring out their most rebellious facets! So that everyone feels unfiltered, unscripted, UNCENSORED. Building a world, where the rawest you, is the truest you!

For our new campaign, we teamed up with 11 people who share their personal UNCENSORED stories, speaking about acne, cyber bullying, racism, being transgender, body positivity or simply about being different than society norms. Discover our 11 #UNCENSORED protagonists!
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