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How Do I Make the Most of Daily Bible Reading? // Ask Pastor John

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As you plan your Bible reading for 2019, know yourself, know your tendencies, but know most of all that you desperately need God’s word.
We stand on the doorstep of a new year — and with a new year, new resolves, and with new resolves, a new determination to read the entire Bible for ourselves. And knowing this is on the minds of many listeners this time of year, we enter 2019 with a series of episodes to address your questions about daily Bible reading. Here’s the first one, from a listener named Dave.
“Hello, Pastor John. My question is about Bible-reading plans. Some plans are familiar, plans to read the entire Bible canonically, or just the Old Testament or just the New Testament, and then chronological reading plans, and then two- or three-year reading plans. My question is: What Bible-reading plan do you recommend a first timer use who has never read the Bible entirely before? And can you offer some tricks to keep in mind on the first read through?”
Episode 1296:
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