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LOYALTY | Apollo G - Go getters ft. Rino, GC (Lyrics Video)

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SAS Music presents | "LOYALTY" EP | by Apollo G.
III. Go-getters - Produced and Mixed & Mastered by. Young Max
Featuring Artist Rino & GC
Lyrics Video Directed by Yannick Monteiro & Apollo G


Smoke this zoot to get me through the day
Fried is how I feel cuz I’m taking it to the brain
Hoping every time I leave I make it back again
How could I stop grinding when it keeps me sane
Will I make it through heavens gates
Cuz of all these sins I made
So pray for better days
From the fakes and jakes I stay away
Stack my money to the ceiling then we celebrate

I hate feeling like a bum
I’m urged to go get it
That’s why I need to put myself
with go getters
Got tougher gorrillas

Lurking in the field
Don’t stand still
Thats a drive by right Deyaa

Been through plenty worst days
You can say that the girls come and go
Like it’s your birthday,
yeahhh.. yeahhh

I knew that in the first place
Always aiming for top
so I’mma keep it at first place

 Apollo G,
I got a new connect
I earned my respect
I got some niggas that did me wrong and I won't forget
I got some demons in my body that won't go away
I got to smoke jump on a plain and just disappear
I did some shit on my past
I watch it from my rear
I keep protection every time i got to go somewhere
I got bitches I got bros that know me everywhere
I got killers snap my fingers
Make you disappear ...

In the hood with my tool
is the only way I stay cool
Had me with your words
but your actions made me lose it all
Lose it all

you will never make it back
Get another rack and add it to my stack
Put my pain in my music I ain’t telling lies
Do it for BLM we must stand up and rise
Swear I had my best dreams on my worst days
Seeing my marj cry made my heart ache

We gotta stay strong cause the tough times never last
Still reminiscing what happened in the past
A vision and a plan to make it through the dark
The cats always scatter when they hear it bark
(When they hear it spark)
Put my life on the beat you best listen up
Have to do this for my family I ain’t giving up

Word to bro, I’m all for money so imma get these funds
Imma get it done

Apollo G,
Foi tanto cash ki dja n'fazi
##### flan vivi na descontra
Ka tem ninguém ki n'ta confia
Nigga apenas na nha sombra

Dja bu para pa bu imagina akilo ki n'fazi na nha zona
Kantu nigga n'tra di street e na música sa fazi notas
Me and my niggas go getters
You should know better
N'txiga na undi ki n'txiga
Sem mentira na nhas letras e sem medo flau nha vida
Nha alegria ku nhas keda
Ka mesti parakeda
Dexan susti nhas keda

SAS Music (2021)
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