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Make Your Life Count: Q&A with John Piper

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How do you share the gospel? Does marriage limit missions? Will I always struggle with doubt? John Piper addresses these questions and more in this new 37-minute Q&A.

CROSS 2019 | January 4, 2019 | Louisville

1:13 — How can I share the doctrines of grace in an environment that’s hostile to them?
6:10 — What is your prayer life like?
9:28 — How do we discern where to go in missions?
12:03 — How do you share the gospel in five minutes or less?
14:51 — Does marriage help or hinder missions?
18:17 — Is there a difference between an evangelist and a missionary?
20:04 — Is it better to pursue relational evangelism or should we share the gospel right away?
23:56 — How can I help people deepen their relationship with God?
27:50 — I’ve had a dark year. What should I do?
31:48 — Will my doubts ever fade? Can I be too transparent?

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