Maserati Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

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The Maserati Levante, Quattroporte and Ghibli introduce an advanced Driver Assistance System that enhance both - your comfort and safety.
(0:17) Rear Cross Path: available in conjunction with the "Blind Spot Alert", allows you to safely back out of unclear and crowded parking situations, in which your vision is blocked.
(0:40) Active Blind Spot Assist: detects vehicles that enter the blind spot zones from the rear, front or side.
(1:04) Forward Collision Warning Plus: can detect a potential frontal collision.
(1:33) Adaptive Cruise Control: using a radar sensor and a camera, it combines the driver´s distance setting and the vehicle´s speed, to set and maintain the distance to the vehicle ahead.
(2:06) Lane Keeping Assist: especially designed to make highway and freeway driving safer, as it helps reduce the risk of accidentally departing from the lane in use.
(2:30) Hill Descent Control: exclusively available for Levante - further enhancing its off-road performance. It allows a controlled descent on snowy or rough terrain by using the ABS system to control each wheel's speed.
(2:52) Highway Assist: designed to comfortably drive in motorways by combining a radar sensor and the camera, the system maintains the pre-set speed and safety from the vehicle ahead and centers the lane at the same time. The system actively controls the stirring-wheel and dynamically maintains the center of the lane.
(3:23) Surround View Camera - 360° top view: the image of a new generation rear view camera is combined with information from the parking sensors: offering you dynamic grid lines to see the predicted path of the vehicle.


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