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B&B Automobiltechnik Volkswagen Golf 7 R 2014 aro 20 2.0 TSI Turbo 420 cv 53 mkgf

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(from B&B Automobiltechnik Press Release) B&B Automobiltechnik: Performance upgrade for the new Golf 7 R 2.0
No sooner are the first models of the new Golf 7 R 2.0 TSI available in the salesrooms of Volkswagen dealers than the experts of B&B Automobiltechnik from Siegen -- specialists since over 30 years, in the performance optimization of VW and Audi models -- begin to offer a comprehensive tuning portfolio for the hot compact sportscar.

B&B Automobiltechnik is boosting the power of the four-wheel turbo in three stages, from 300 horse power and 380 Nm to a maximum of 420 horse power and a torque of 530 Nm. Stage 1 (360 horse power / 450 Nm, EUR 1,298) with a minimum increase in charging air pressure and the adaptation of the electronic injection characteristic map is the introductory stage to the B&B engine program for Golf 7 R.

In stage 2 (385 horse power / 480 Nm, EUR 3,950), B&B endows the 2.0-liter TSI engine with initial hardware upgrades: Increased performance output is achieved with the simultaneous reduction of the thermal load exerted by the engine and the exhaust turbo charger by installing an enlarged and cross-section-optimized special intermediate exhaust pipe with sports catalyzer, increasing charging air pressure by 0.25 bar as well as modifying the electronic injection characteristic map. The intermediate exhaust pipe which produces approximately additional 14 horse power capacity including sports catalyzer can also be obtained separately on demand.

Finally, stage 3 (420 horse power / 530 Nm, EUR 9,850) entails a B&B special turbo charger, a modified air-suction system and a B&B sports exhaust system with special intermediate exhaust pipe and racing catalyzer as well as adaptations in the area of suction and electronic injection characteristic map.

Of course, the performance of the Golf R is clearly boosted by the B&B performance optimization: Already in the "medium" stage 2, the time required for the standard sprint from 0 to 100 k.p.h. is reduced from 5.3 seconds to 4.5 seconds. The 0-200 k.p.h. value improves from 19.3 seconds in standard production to 17.5 seconds. With these driving values, Golf 7 R is able to stand its grounds without problems even against any full-blown sportscar.

The B&B special oil-cooling system (for EUR 985), which stands out for a clearly enlarged volume, more favorable flow behavior and broader surface can be recommended for all performance stages in view of the stability and service life of the engine. To intensify the sound pattern of the four-cylinder turbo, B&B offers a sports axle back exhaust as well as a sports exhaust system as from the catalyzer version. Prices begin from EUR 1,295. Moreover, a B&B racing exhaust system including metal catalyzer, which attains an additional performance of approximately 20 horse power with the simultaneous reduction of thermal load can be obtained.

Pleasure without regrets: To move Golf R in a particularly cost-effective and environmentally-conscious manner despite the sporty character, the technicians of B&B offer their own full throttle-secured liquefied petroleum gas system, which can be used up until the maximum revolution speed range -- also in combination with the performance boosts on offer -- in the face of the innovative electronic control system. The alternative use of SuperPlus in fuel operation continues to be viable at all times.

B&B offers different chassis upgrades for the simultaneous optimization of the running characteristics and visual appearance of Golf 7 R. The portfolio ranges from 25/20-millimeter performance springs (as from EUR 298) to the company's own B&B coilover kit (as from EUR 1,798) that is adjustable in height, rebound and compression stage and is delivered with a preset that is specially modulated for Golf 7 R. The chassis clearly improves the driving behavior of the vehicle from Wolfsburg, enables significantly higher cornering speeds and contributes in the same manner, to immense driving pleasure and safety.

B&B stabilizers for VA and HA (as from EUR 498), which generate a clearly reduced roll-off tendency of the vehicle as well as low plunge level in fast curves offer ideal characteristics. Weight-optimized rims of 8.5x20 inches with slip-proof tires of the dimension 235/30R20 successfully round up the external as well as driving dynamics of the "sports Golf".

To also counter the increased driving performance with an adequate system of retardation, B&B offers special 6 or 4-piston high-performance brake systems for Golf 7 R, which gives the pilots a soothing sense of superior safety at all times.

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